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The Berlin Test Campaign – rapid tests for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis C!

At the organizations Berliner Aids Hilfe, Mann-O-Meter and Checkpoint BLN can men who have sex with men get tested anonymously for HIV, syphilis, hepatits C and other STI.

is a chronic infection. The infection can usually be controlled if medication is given at an early enough stage. Early detection of an HIV infection increases the chance of maintaining long-term health, in spite of HIV. We offer the rapid HIV test and the HIV laboratory test.
is a sexually transmitted infection that responds well to treatment and is curable; it may show no symptoms and therefore remain unnoticed. Undetected syphilis increases the risk of infection with HIV. A rapid test brings clarity.
Hepatitis C
is transmitted primarily through contact with blood e.g. through needle or cannula sharing when using drugs. An acute infection often displays no symptoms. It can clear up spontaneously but often remains unnoticed and becomes chronic. Hepatitis C can be cured. Early detection can have a positive effect on the treatment outcome. We provide the rapid test for antibodies and the laboratory test for viruses.

We provide the answers to your questions about HIV, STD and hepatitis. We help you assess your personal risk.

We talk to you about the tests we offer. We also give our continued support if your test is positive.

We guarantee high professional standards, which are subject to continued improvement. This ensures the continued quality of the combined rapid testing and counseling service.

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